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Investment style and style consistency are increasingly important to advisers and investors. While the Morningstar Style Box™ provides the foundation for classifying and comparing investments, Morningstar Direct™ goes further—with advanced holdings- and returns-based style analysis tools for examining investment style at a level unavailable from any other source.
What you can do:
Perform holdings-based style analysis
Use Morningstar Style Box 10-factor methodology to examine holdings
Access historical portfolios and anticipate a potential category change
Evaluate style on younger investments
Morningstar Direct
Apply holdings-based style analysis to identify the characteristics of an investment portfolio and differentiate between investments in the same Morningstar Category.
Conduct returns-based style analysis
Evaluate style drift
Apply Confidence Zones that help evaluate the statistical accuracy of results
Morningstar Direct
Track investments over time using returns-based methodology. Perform a detailed analysis using historical performance information and monitor investments to identify style shifts.
Execute a holdings comparison
Build portfolios and investment lineups with minimal overlap
Identify investment replacements that share common holdings
Morningstar Direct
Discover an investment’s similarities and differences by comparing its underlying holdings. Effectively create and manage an investment lineup or portfolio.
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