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Performance evaluation is integral to achieving and maintaining target goals for each investment product. Drill down on investment performance drivers and make comparisons in the appropriate currency. Analyse thousands of discrete data points, including a range of customisable performance and risk statistics, to uncover trends and patterns that can you help evaluate any investment.
What you can do:
Evaluate a manager’s contribution to performance
Benchmark managers
Read qualitative analyst commentaries
Morningstar Direct
Determining manager value requires benchmarking against a passive strategy. Morningstar Direct lets you select from a large library of indexes or customise your benchmarks. Evaluate a wide range of performance and risk statistics to support thorough performance analysis. Customise data points to hone in on a certain time period, such as a bear or a bull market, or create rolling statistics to assess consistency. Examine Morningstar analyst commentary on investments in order to assist you with your investment manager selection.
Assess an investment lineup
Monitor and communicate performance information
Include daily updates in your regular reports
Morningstar Direct
Managing the vast amount of information required to monitor and communicate the status of an investment lineup can be labor-intensive. With Morningstar Direct daily data updates, you can start your regular reports sooner, identifying issues early to prepare explanations and recommendations.
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