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Morningstar Direct
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Timely. Detailed. Comprehensive.
Morningstar Direct™ is powered by the industry’s premier source for global investment data. All data universes are fully integrated to support research across investment products. Directly compare investments across various domiciles and investment universes.
Data features:
A full set of portfolio, performance, and operational data points
Historical portfolio holdings and a comprehensive set of fundamental, value, and growth characteristics at the portfolio and holdings levels
Proprietary data such as the Morningstar Rating™ and Morningstar Style Box™
Risk statistics, including Treynor, Sortino, and information ratios
Modern Portfolio Theory statistics
Extensive customisation options including rolling time periods, benchmarks, and displays
Seamless integration of data universes
Currency conversions
Morningstar Direct
Global investment coverage:
Australia funds (retail, wholesale, and superannuation)
Canadian funds (pooled, segregated, and open-end funds)
China funds
European funds
Exchange-traded funds
Global hedge funds
Hong Kong funds
Offshore funds
Singapore funds
Taiwan funds
U.S. open-end funds
U.S. separate accounts
U.S. stocks, including ownership data
U.S. VA/L (policy, subaccount, and NAV level)
Morningstar Direct
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