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Investment Profiles
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Morningstar® Investment Profiles™ are available for a spectrum of investment disciplines, including exchange-traded funds, offshore funds, hedge funds, investment funds, and life and pension funds. Investment Profiles feature Morningstar analytics and essential facts about an investment on one page, so that investors can easily make comparisons.
Complete coverage: Facilitates comparisons
Exchange-traded funds
Because this investment discipline has become increasingly popular, Morningstar offers Investment Profiles for ETFs. This fund type has become important to advisers as it has helped to reduce their clients’ taxes and fees. With Investment Profiles, advisers and investors can examine Morningstar proprietary data to determine the best ETF for their portfolios.
Offshore funds
Offshore fund Investment Profiles feature both performance and portfolio data. Morningstar calculates all valuable proprietary statistics and other key figures such as regional exposure and composition using the underlying portfolio holdings. A single data format ensures consistent presentation of all offshore funds for conducting competitive research and peer comparisons.
Hedge funds
Investment Profiles help investors and advisers properly evaluate hedge fund investment strategies. By providing comprehensive hedge fund data and analysis, Morningstar brings more transparency to the growing hedge fund industry.
Life and pension funds
Morningstar offers broad coverage of stakeholder life and pension funds, and also works with companies to introduce previously untracked funds to our database.
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