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Clear. Insightful. Customisable.
Morningstar Direct’s advanced graphic tools, Report Builder, pre-formatted reports, and integration with multiple applications enable users to effectively communicate research findings to clients, prospects, internal managers, and boards of directors. The data in Morningstar Direct is updated continuously, so materials contain the latest information available.
What you can do:
Create your own customised reports
Select from a library of pre-formatted data elements
Generate charts
Produce reports on-demand
Morningstar Direct
Morningstar Direct’s Report Builder enables the creation of customised investment reports and fact sheets. Create charts and determine which data elements to present in your report. Reports can be saved as a PDF template and used to communicate research findings for any investment type.
Export data into external applications
Select from a range of investments
Export to multiple applications
Fuel internal analysis and presentations
Morningstar Direct
Morningstar Direct enables you to export data across investment types into multiple applications, including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, for internal analysis and client presentations.
Utilise a library of pre-formatted reports
Present information clearly
Select customisation options
Create ad hoc reports and charts
Morningstar Direct
Choose from an extensive library of pre-formatted reports, each featuring a straightforward design and easy-to-follow layout that presents data clearly and concisely. Each report offers customisation options, such as time periods, benchmarks, and other relevant data elements. Create ad hoc reports and charts that feature the information most relevant to your analysis.
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