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Morningstar Direct™ supports in-depth research on any company, from examining stock fundamentals to analysing stock ownership trends. The platform’s powerful search and ranking capabilities help users find and rank top-performing stocks within a specific time period. Ownership information identifies who owns a stock and who is buying or selling. Morningstar Direct also includes qualitative analysis to complement initial research.
Examine stock fundamentals
Get detailed information on more than 7,000 U.S. stocks and American Depository Receipts
Generate comprehensive reports featuring interactive stock charts that display technical and fundamental attributes
Enhance analysis with commentary from Morningstar equity analysts
Access proprietary Morningstar statistics
Review daily trailing returns, valuation information, and data from financial statements
Morningstar Direct
Seamlessly integrate Morningstar Direct stock data with information on other investments for more in-depth portfolio analysis. Morningstar Analyst Reports provide thorough qualitative and quantitative analyses with buy/hold/sell guidance. They also feature proprietary statistics such as the Morningstar Rating for stocks, which is updated every trading day, Consider Buying and Consider Selling prices, Business Risk Rating, Fair Value Estimate, and Economic Moat Rating.
Analyse Ownership Trends
Examine the ownership status for more than 20,000 securities
Analyse recent and historical portfolios from mutual funds, separate accounts, and institutional money managers
Perform trend and time series analysis, institutional targeting analysis, and peer analysis
Morningstar Direct
Examine the portfolios of all types of institutional money managers to uncover their current and past stock ownership and how their money management style has evolved over time. Gain insight into how a company might fit within an institutional investor’s portfolio.
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