Morningstar Awards 2014
The Morningstar Awards are designed to help investors around the world identify the year's most exceptional funds and fund managers. Awards are announced throughout the year at ceremonies across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, honoring managers that have added the most value for investors. Fund and fund group nominees are selected based on sound quantitative methodologies that emphasize outperformance over one-, three-, and five-year periods, while our regional analyst-driven Fund Manager of the Year awards recognize managers who have not only achieved impressive returns, but also been strong stewards of shareholder capital.

Awards in Latin America

The Making of the Award

Our new award—handmade from glass—is presented to top fund managers around the world.

Each glass piece is crafted in Murano, Italy at the world-renowned factory of Gianni Seguso.

Master artisans use a centuries-old technique to shape the glass by heating it to a soft, molten state at up to 1300 degrees Celsius.

Hot glass is individually blown and stretched to the proper dimensions for each award.

The final hand-shaped inverted glass cone references the "rising sun" O in the Morningstar logo.

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