Morningstar® Advisor Workstation
Modular investment research and portfolio analysis platform.
Interactive Report Demos
Mutual Fund Comprehensive Report
The Mutual Fund Comprehensive Report contains in-depth analysis of the equity and fixed-income holdings of a fund. It provides the insight needed to lead an intelligent discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of a fund and the role it can play in an overall portfolio.
Morningstar® Portfolio Snapshot™
As a starting point for discussing investment recommendations, this FINRA-reviewed report helps explain composition, performance, diversification, and risk within an entire portfolio.
Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray® Report
In a simple, one-page format, this FINRA-reviewed report reveals an instant view of how diversified a portfolio is based on the underlying holdings of every managed investment and individual security it contains.
Portfolio Comparison
Advisors use this FINRA-reviewed report to contrast key performance and style characteristics of a current portfolio with a proposed portfolio to convey how it's more appropriate for a client or prospect.
Hypothetical Portfolio Illustration
Presenting a real-world portrayal of a portfolio's performance using historical data, this FINRA-reviewed report makes a case for how an advisor's recommendations would have affected a client's wealth.
Morningstar® Investment Detail™
Used alone or in combination with a portfolio report, the FINRA-reviewed Investment Detail report provides background information for discussions about adding or removing a specific investment from a client's portfolio.
Fund vs. Fund
This FINRA-reviewed report compares and contrasts two fund offerings to support suggestions for replacing an investment in a portfolio or fund lineup.  
Defined Contribution Plan Status
When evaluating a plan lineup and suggesting improvements, advisors can use this FINRA-reviewed report to create a complete profile of a plan's assets including composition, style and sector details, and fees.
Target-Date Fund Series
Financial advisors and plan sponsors use this report to make informed decisions when evaluating a target-date fund series.
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