Morningstar® Advisor Workstation
Modular investment research and portfolio analysis platform.
Sample Reports
Portfolio Snapshot™
Provides an in-depth synopsis of the client's portfolio with asset class and investment style breakdowns, performance information, and top holdings.
Portfolio X-Ray® Report
Scans an entire portfolio in a simple one-page report offering a comprehensive picture of the portfolio’s underlying holdings, overall sector exposure, and overall investment style.
Portfolio Comparison
Provides a detailed comparison of two portfolios, revealing their respective asset allocations, style breakdowns, and sector exposures, all based on the underlying holdings of each portfolio.
Hypothetical Portfolio Illustration
Demonstrates how a portfolio would have performed based on a specific investment schedule, advisor fees, and taxes. Shows how each security within the portfolio contributes to the overall performance of the portfolio.
Investment Detail™
Displays in-depth performance information for any investment covered, as well as fees and expenses, style, holdings, and more.
Fund vs. Fund
Presents a side-by-side comparison of any two funds for quick assessment of similarities and differences in performance, style, and expenses.
Defined Contribution Plan Status
Summarizes a retirement plan with a complete profile of a plan’s assets, including composition, style, sector, and total returns. Displays style drift information and a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with a plan.
Target Date Fund Series
Offers quantitative and qualitative analysis of the management, underlying investments, performance, and costs of target date funds.
Stock Intersection
Identifies cumulative exposure to individual equities based on stock and underlying holdings of the managed products in the portfolio. Reviews the top 15 holdings in a portfolio to identify its overall weighting in a particular security or sector.
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