Morningstar® Advisor Workstation
Modular investment research and portfolio analysis platform.
Sample Reports
Defined Contribution Plan Comparison
Allows in-depth comparisons of two retirement plans, highlighting diversification across asset classes, styles and regions, illustrating performance with risk and return data, and showing both plan and investment-level fees.
Hypothetical Security Illustration
Shows how a security would have performed based on a specific investment schedule, advisor fees, and taxes.
Hypothetical Comparative Illustration
Highlights the performance of an investment in comparison with competing funds or indexes.
Morningstar Page (Morningstar Fund Analyst Report)
Highlights the key details about a security’s performance, investment style, portfolio holdings, and operations, all in a concise, single-page format. Features “Morningstar's Take,” which provides qualitative analysis of the fund’s performance, the strategy of its manager(s), and how to use the fund within a portfolio.
Target Asset Allocation
Reviews the completed risk tolerance questionnaire and illustrates the corresponding target asset allocation.
Historical Asset Allocation
Demonstrates how a proposed asset allocation would have performed over a long-term period and two shorter-term periods during a bear market.
Investment Policy Statement
Summarizes a client’s current situation, stated investment goals and requirements, and the recommended investment strategy.
Wealth Report
Projects the probability of achieving financial goals based on the asset mix and other factors. The Wealth Summary graph provides wealth forecasts at 5%, 50%, and 95% probabilities.
Underlying Holdings
Lists the complete holdings of a mutual fund or other managed investment, ranked by percent of net assets. Shows share amounts for each holding as well as the change from the previous portfolio.
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