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Morningstar Direct for Portfolio Managers at Asset Management Firms
Portfolio managers develop and execute investment strategies with Morningstar Direct. As a global investment analysis platform, it enhances equity analysis with independent equity and credit research, fundamental company data, pricing data, and real-time market data. Morningstar Direct streamlines portfolio analysis and offers the value of back-office data integration, attribution, and real-time portfolio monitoring in one platform.
What you can do:
Select sound investments
Access extensive fundamental company data
Support investment decisions with analyst research
View equity pricing data from 400+ exchanges
Monitor asset flows to evaluate the financial sector
Available in Morningstar Direct, our extensive fundamental company data supports both equity and bond analysis. Portfolio managers can find investment ideas in our in-depth independent analyst research covering thousands of companies, as well as in our corporate credit research and ratings. Our analysts evaluate every company according to a consistent methodology driven by the Morningstar® Economic Moat™ Rating, which identifies a company’s sustainable competitive advantages. Equity pricing data from more than 400 exchanges worldwide is available for financial modeling. Portfolio managers can also use asset flow data to evaluate companies in the financial sector.

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Analyze and monitor equity portfolios
Integrate back-office portfolio data for analysis
Track portfolios on a real-time basis
Explain performance with attribution analysis
Watch asset flows to study investor preferences
With optional back-office integration, portfolio managers can use Morningstar Direct for real-time portfolio monitoring with up-to-the-minute news on companies of interest. Attribution analysis helps portfolio managers understand performance drivers of multiple portfolios in seconds. Morningstar Direct also reveals the underlying elements of proprietary Morningstar statistics so portfolio managers can better understand the relationships between their ratings, asset flows, and investor preferences.

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Oversee funds of funds and subadvisor relationships
Evaluate both funds of funds and their underlying investments
Import or aggregate data to simulate funds of funds
Select best-in-class managers to consider
Conduct attribution analysis on investments and portfolios
Using Morningstar Direct, asset management firms can build funds of funds or monitor subadvisor relationships, starting with the asset allocation feature to help optimize portfolios for risk and return. Customizable rules-based peer groups and scoring systems help asset management firms find best-in-class managers for their underlying investments or to act as subadvisors. Tools such as performance attribution analysis allow portfolio managers to evaluate both individual funds under consideration and at the fund-of-funds level. Total portfolio attribution examines the value subadvisors added to a portfolio’s performance through their asset allocation decisions.

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