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Full Holdings Data License
The Full Holdings Data License delivers the most recent portfolio holdings data to reveal a detailed view of an investment’s composition. This data feed, which includes the security identifier, sector, and region, is available for each of the investment types in the Morningstar database except hedge funds. Institutions can use this feed to help advisors and investors select an investment that fills a particular need, compare investments to avoid overlap, or develop accurate asset allocation models.
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Morningstar<span class="registered">&#174;</span> Data for Managed Investments
Data universes available (average portfolio age)
529 college savings plans (5.8 months)
Closed-end funds (3.7 months)
Exchange-traded funds (0.4 months)
Open-end funds (1.6 months)
Separate accounts (3.3 months)
Variable annuity/life subaccounts and underlying funds (1.9 months)
Analyzing peers and competitors
Developing accurate asset allocation models
Monitoring investment style
Populating websites, tools, and statements
Additional licenses available
The Historical Full Holdings License contains full portfolio holdings for funds since inception.
Data is delivered between the third and seventh business day.
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