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Investment Research
Morningstar Office provides advisors with a single point of access to independent, detailed research on more than 325,000 investments such as mutual funds, stocks, variable insurance products, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, 529 funds, separate accounts, offshore funds, and hedge funds. Bond research is also included from Interactive Data Corporation, a premier provider of fixed-income information. Proprietary Morningstar analytics and Analyst Reports are available for stocks and funds.
What you can do:
Simplify the research process
Easily find similar funds or compare funds across security types
Use preset searches and create lists
Access Morningstar Analyst Reports
Isolate the best options with standard and customizable screening tools
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Because Morningstar Office is online, you can work with confidence, knowing you have the most recent information available for each investment universe. Data is updated as soon as it becomes available—daily, monthly, and quarterly—and includes performance details, underlying holdings information, and Morningstar Rating™ and Morningstar Style Box™ statistics. Screen and rank the best investments for a specific client or create model portfolios for multiple clients. Plus, create Saved Lists and Searches that help you automatically monitor new investment opportunities in specific areas of interest.
Produce informative and compelling graphs and reports
Investment Growth
Rolling Return
Risk/Reward Scatterplot
Morningstar Summary Report
Fund vs. Fund Report
Portfolio Snapshot™
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Use the powerful graphing and reporting capabilities to quickly convert complex data into accessible information.

View sample reports and graphs
Generate customized hypothetical illustrations
Create customized hypotheticals using securities from multiple investment universes—funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, variable annuity/life subaccounts, separate accounts, hedge funds, offshore funds, money markets, and indexes
Support strategies and recommendations with multi-dimensional FINRA-reviewed presentations
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Use the Hypotheticals tool to illustrate how recommended portfolios would have performed historically. For each portfolio, it’s possible to customize taxes, fees, investment amounts, and schedules. Morningstar hypothetical reports highlight a security’s historical performance in isolation, in comparison with competing funds, or in the context of its contribution to the overall performance of a portfolio. They are the only reports in the industry to incorporate underlying holdings to show performance with relevant asset allocation, sector weightings, and style diversification information.
Share information with clients
Print reports for presentations
Send PDFs via email
Provide consistent information across asset classes
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Easily convert research into clear, concise communications to share with clients. Present in-depth investment strategies and strengthen customer relationships. The research area contains the Morningstar Market Barometer, a tool that helps illustrate the power of diversification. The Market Barometer provides an innovative, at-a-glance view of the market, allowing instant analysis of performance trends.
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