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The Hypotheticals Module in Morningstar® Advisor Workstation allows advisors to create sales illustrations that make a persuasive case for their recommendations. Using historical data, it produces vivid, real-world examples of different scenarios based on the past performance of a security by itself, in comparison with another security, or within the context of a portfolio. The results act as a powerful sales tool by helping investors better understand what they might actually experience in the market.
What you can do:
Simulate the investor’s experience
Incorporate withdrawals, investments, and fees
Include up to 40 securities in each illustration
Illustrate an in-depth view of performance through underlying holdings
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To better simulate the investor’s actual experience, hypothetical illustrations in Advisor Workstation account for a full range of variables in each scenario. This includes withdrawals, ongoing investments, dividend reinvestments, taxes, investment fees (reflecting real breakpoints), and other charges. Our hypothetical reports are the only ones in the industry that incorporate underlying holdings to accurately communicate performance with relevant asset allocation, sector weightings, and style diversification information.
Create comprehensive client presentations
Turn illustrations into client-ready reports
Adjust report settings for tailored results
Allocate custom benchmarks
Include supplemental reports to reinforce the illustration
Produce PDF reports for easy printing and sharing
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An intuitive report wizard helps transform illustrations into clear directions for clients that show how different recommendations would apply to an investor’s portfolio. Advisors can adjust their presentations through a variety of settings to include specific graphs and FINRA-reviewed reports. An automatic benchmarking feature allows advisors to allocate a custom benchmark based on Morningstar Categories or the underlying asset classes in the portfolio. Several supplemental reports help reinforce the illustration, including the Distribution and Withdrawal, Correlation Matrix, and Rolling Returns reports. For easy printing and sharing, all reports can be generated as PDF files at any point in the process.
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