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Client Support Services
Not only is Morningstar® Advisor Workstation intuitive and easy to use, it also comes with extensive support tailored for different learning styles and skill levels. As each deployment is customized to a firm’s needs, our support and service teams create appropriate training programs to encourage advisors to take advantage of Advisor Workstation’s benefits. A built-in Virtual Training Center offers how-to videos, training manuals, help topics, and opportunities to register for live web-based classes hosted by Morningstar experts. Ready to answer any question, our in-house product consultants are available via phone and email six days a week.
Development and implementation: Expert integration
Morningstar has a legacy of delivering seamless solutions that meet defined goals—on time and within budget. The Morningstar team has the technical and project management experience required to integrate Advisor Workstation into all types of business environments, from centralized firms to global organizations. Firms can choose a range of options including languages, currencies, and securities that Morningstar will configure to meet their needs.
Training and assistance: Made-to-order programs
Morningstar training can be delivered on-site, via online video, or through web-based virtual training classes for administrators, entire teams, and targeted user groups. Programs are customized to meet each client’s requirements and can cover product functionality as well as Morningstar data and methodologies. Technical support services are available via phone and email from an in-house Morningstar staff, not an outsourced call center.
Promotional support: Tools to drive use of Advisor Workstation
Gaining user buy-in is a critical step in deploying new tools. Morningstar has developed programs to help firms encourage their workforces to adopt Advisor Workstation. Through direct marketing, promotions, and online and print communications, Morningstar informs, educates, and motivates advisors to take advantage of the efficiencies that Advisor Workstation delivers.
Management reporting: End-user and group activity history
Advisor Workstation collects aggregate usage data for defined user groups. Firms can review data on how many times end-users access each module, tool, or report. Aggregate month-to-month billing data is also available. All data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel®. An optional premium usage data package provides user-specific data and identifies how often specific securities are selected.
Supervisory capabilities: Options to monitor Advisor Workstation’s use
Supervisory capabilities in Advisor Workstation assist with compliance needs, allowing home offices and offices of jurisdictional support to monitor how advisors use the platform. Administrators can create a supervisory structure to manage client ownership and file sharing capabilities. Supervisors and compliance officers can review both usage statistics and work completed by teams or individual advisors, down to the securities included in proposals.
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