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Morningstar Direct simplifies due diligence and competitive analysis by providing ready-to-use investment and firm data along with quantitative analytics and qualitative research. The platform easily adapts to any manager selection process, helping users quickly create custom peer groups based on their own criteria, then evaluate those groups using quantitative analytics powered by Morningstar’s holdings data. When it’s time to examine investment strategies, Morningstar Direct offers a deeper view through analyst research reports, SEC filings, user notes, and profiles of portfolio managers’ careers.
What you can do:
Create and analyze custom peer groups
Research various investment types and domiciles simultaneously in a custom peer group
Identify investment strategies by specific criteria
Create custom scores to screen investments
Run rank and percentile rank calculations on any numerical data point and custom peer group
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Morningstar Direct makes all Morningstar data, including extensive institutional investment information, available for establishing and analyzing custom peer groups. Users can define their own peer groups based on holdings, operational, or performance data. They can also apply Morningstar’s system of identifying global, retail, or institutional managed investments, such as the Morningstar Institutional Categories, which narrowly define investments to reflect style, geographic, or asset allocation biases. Users can then assess and filter peer groups with features like the Investment Scorecard, which helps them build customizable, point-weighted methodologies to grade how well the investment strategies within a peer group meet their objectives.

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Run quantitative analyses based on holdings data
Measure manager skill with attribution analysis
Determine style consistency with holdings- and returns-based style analysis
Find investment replacements that share common holdings
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Because Morningstar Direct includes full holdings data for a variety of investments, it’s able to run a range of quantitative analytics that offer insight during due diligence and competitive research. Attribution analysis in Morningstar Direct explains what’s driving a manager’s investment performance and allows asset management firms to study other investment strategies. Users can determine how much of an excess return is due to stock selection, or whether a sector was over-weighted or under-weighted relative to its benchmark. Both holdings- and returns-based style analysis is also available for examining investment style over time and building portfolios of investments with minimal overlap.

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Strengthen research with qualitative content
Access in-depth analyst research reports for thousands of investment strategies
Search SEC filings available instantly after they’re filed
Save and share notes on specific managers
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For a complete view of an investment, users can refer to in-depth analyst reports containing forward-looking analysis of investments and firms built on a methodology that reviews each fund’s people, process, performance, parent, and price. Profiles of a manager’s entire professional history are also available for tracking their career performance. The Note Manager tool allows users to add their own comments on an investment and share it with other users for consideration in future analysis.
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