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Data and Content
Morningstar Direct is powered by full access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive investment databases, covering hundreds of thousands of investments worldwide, as well as institutional research from Morningstar analysts. It also offers the opportunity to integrate private investment data and third-party content to power the platform’s rigorous analytics.
Extensive investment data
A full set of portfolio, performance, risk, and operational data points
Historical portfolio holdings and statistics
Survivorship-bias-free data
Proprietary data such as the Morningstar Rating™, Morningstar Style Box™, and Morningstar Institutional Categories
Extensive customization options including rolling time periods, benchmarks, and displays
Currency conversions
Asset flow data
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Private data integration
Integrate with custodial and accounting platforms
Compare private investment data with other investments
Make private investment data available to colleagues
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Leveraging Morningstar’s expertise in data management, Morningstar Direct offers a data integration service that helps firms save time and focus on their core capabilities. Account data from custodians or from private portfolios is downloaded and processed overnight. Firms can make private investment data available to specific groups for comparing with the investments in the Morningstar database.
Additional data and content options
Incorporate data seamlessly from our preferred content providers
Access third-party data and content during analysis
Morningstar has relationships with other leading content providers who offer information that helps our clients accomplish more with Morningstar Direct. Clients can select the content they’d like from our preferred vendors and we’ll deliver this information through our platform for fully integrated analysis. We form relationships with content providers who serve the needs of a wide range of our clients.
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