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Defined Contribution Plans
With this module, advisors and plan sponsors can integrate the Mutual Funds module in Morningstar® Principia® to perform due diligence for configuring diversified retirement plan lineups
Perform detailed analysis to ensure high-quality choices for all plan participants—and consistency with the sponsor’s investment policy statement
Compare fund- and plan-level fees, keep apprised of changes, and monitor a plan’s effectiveness over time
Profile a single plan or compare two plans side-by side in detailed Plan Comparison Reports for "what if" analysis
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The Defined Contribution Plans module supports your investment selection process for creating high-quality, well-diversified plan lineups while monitoring your clients’ existing plans. Make the case for a recommended fund lineup when you illustrate how plan options are diversified across asset classes, styles, and regions using compelling charts and graphs. Use risk and return analysis and trailing total returns to present performance information. Highlight a plan’s expenses at both the fund and plan levels and examine operations and management data for a thorough plan assessment.
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