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Integration Capabilities
Morningstar® Advisor Workstation takes the time and trouble out of managing client and portfolio data. Seamless back-end integration with popular third-party platforms means that advisors only need to enter a client’s name or account number to import relevant holding information, including securities and shares. Eliminating manual data entry leaves more time for advisors to serve clients and prospect for new business.
What you can do:
Access client data via advisor platforms and Morningstar
Albridge® Wealth Reporting
eMoney Advisor
National Financial’s Streetscape®
Pershing's NetX360™
TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo®
Morningstar Enterprise Data Management
Advisor Workstation makes it easy to serve clients without worry. If their accounts are tracked in the most widely used brokerage and portfolio accounting applications, their client, portfolio, and holdings data will flow automatically into Advisor Workstation files. If a firm does not use one of these systems, we can arrange for custom batch deliveries of account and position files into Advisor Workstation. Firms can also use the Morningstar® Enterprise Data Management service to stream in updated portfolio information nightly, so financial professionals can view client data automatically in Advisor Workstation’s most popular reports.
Work with consistent client data
Conduct effective analysis with the most
up-to-date information
Reduce errors associated with manual data entry
Prepare client documents in less time
Client files are updated in real time, so advisors can access the most current information when analyzing portfolio performance, creating new asset allocations, and researching investments. Not only does the automatic data integration save time for advisors, it also reduces errors and increases data consistency across an entire organization.
Depend on sound data security
Benefit from industry-standard encryption
Protect your data via backup systems
Client data in Advisor Workstation is kept safe and secure. Morningstar servers employ the rigorous encryption standards,
128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, that banks and credit card companies use when transmitting data over the Internet. All data saved in Advisor Workstation is backed up daily, on servers in multiple locations. Redundant servers become active in the event of a disruption so service remains continuous.
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