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Morningstar Asia Offers New Premium Service

CHICAGO, Aug 07, 2001 – Morningstar Asia, a leading provider of investment information and analytic tools, today announced that it launched a premium service containing enhanced information and tools on its investment Web site, www.hk.morningstar.com. The new service was built in collaboration with E-finet.com (CN-Markets), a leading market-news and analysis provider in Asia. 

In addition to the free information and tools provided on hk.monringstar.com, Premium Members can access additional services including: 

  • Research reports for selected mutual funds from the United States and Hong Kong    
  • U.S. fund and stock-screening and analytic tools    
  • Commentaries, analyses, and feature articles about stocks and mutual funds written by Morningstar analysts in the United States    
  • Timely market round-ups and analysis of Hong Kong-listed stocks provided by E-finet.com 

The premium service is available for $99 a year with a free 30-day trial. 

Tao Huang, chief executive officer of Morningstar Asia, said, "Our collaboration with CN-Markets will bring Hong Kong investors expanded mutual fund and stock information and tools from two premier providers in Asia. Our premium service is an excellent resource center for investors, and will give them essential information on mutual funds and stocks and investment education from CN-Markets, which is the most trusted source of investment education in Hong Kong."

George Yu, chair of CN-Markets, said, "This new premium service offers value-added investment advisory services from two powerful names in Asia. It also brings Morningstar's successful premium investment service to Hong Kong investors at an important time, following the launch of the Mandatory Provident Funds (MPF) at the end of 2000."

Morningstar Asia was established in April 2000 as a joint venture between Morningstar, Inc., Pacific Century CyberWorks, and Softbank Finance Corporation. 

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