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The applications for Morningstar® Data range from product management and compliance to sales, marketing, and redistribution in software and media. No matter what the need, Morningstar Data can be easily integrated throughout an organization to enhance communication and consistency. A dedicated Morningstar team works with each client to help ensure seamless integrations and superior ongoing service.
What you can do:
Apply data to strategic management
Conduct research
Analyze performance
Align results with business objectives
Use Morningstar Data to analyze firm-level performance. Align results with business objectives by using the data for fund manager benchmarking, performance analysis, board reporting, investment monitoring, and investor relations.
Integrate data in software
Include a constant source of up-to-date information
Build recognition through trusted data
Add Morningstar Data that investors and advisors know and trust to software to encourage use.
Reference data in asset management
Build into proprietary systems
Use to support the portfolio development process
Integrate Morningstar Data into proprietary systems to benchmark performance, enhance reporting, perform competitive analysis, and analyze investments for portfolio development.
Enhance newspapers and magazines
Attract readers with trusted investment information
Include data to tell the whole story
Populate investment tables with performance data and create investment “snapshots” with images and other information.
Streamline compliance activities
Collect data instantly for compliance systems
Gather prospectus information automatically
Simplify prospectus delivery and populate compliance systems with Morningstar’s extensive prospectus data.
Support sales
Arm sales representatives with the latest information
Use data to strengthen sales pitches
Incorporate Morningstar Data into sales presentations, advisor tools, and front- and back-office systems.
Strengthen websites
Enhance investor and advisor sites
Drive interactive tools
Deliver current investment content
Provide investment information, power investing tools, and populate online fact sheets on investor and advisor websites.
Create and manage products
Research new markets
Analyze the competition
Promote new products
Conduct research, provide and perform due diligence, assess competitors, and generate statements and fact sheets.
Assist marketing efforts
Produce effective communication materials
Refer to a source recognized by investors and advisors
Enhance websites, brochures, newsletters, and other marketing communications with Morningstar Data.
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