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Data Quality
Quality investment data is the core of Morningstar’s business, so a deep dedication to data quality extends across the entire company. Our collection process gathers data in many formats from hundreds of sources around the world. From collection and processing to monitoring and delivery, Morningstar constantly improves its methods to continually meet the highest data standards.
Collection: Primary sources and an expedited process
Nearly all data is collected directly from the source—not just from public filings. More than 98% of fund companies send portfolio information directly to Morningstar on a monthly or quarterly basis. To expedite data collection and processing, our exclusive data management system—Morningstar® DataManager—assures there is virtually no backlog for uploading data into our systems.
Data processing: A proprietary system and engaged analysts
Morningstar Quality Assurance data analysts use our proprietary collection process to view, edit, and update data. Quality assurance tests are performed at multiple stages, including collection, processing, and output. Our process also allows analysts to identify irregularities, such as incorrect formatting, outdated or incomplete data, and performance discrepancies so that issues can be resolved before they are published in our database.
Active monitoring: Tracking and resolution of all issues
Morningstar’s Quality Assurance Monitoring System tracks all reported errors. Issues are isolated, reviewed, and corrected by product, client, reporting entity, database location, or data point. Results are reviewed regularly, with tests and courses of action refined as appropriate.
Continuous improvement: LEAN, Six Sigma, and regular evaluation
Leveraging our commitment to LEAN and Six Sigma principles, Morningstar is continuously striving to provide the highest quality data. We regularly benchmark our data against other leading data providers. Annual institutional client surveys provide direct insight into how data is used and where enhancements can improve its value.
Convenient delivery: Efficient formats and client-driven schedules
We deliver our data the way our clients want it, when they want it. Clients can download it on demand or work with us to determine a data schedule. From APIs to data feeds, we offer a variety of delivery methods that seamlessly flow our data into client systems.
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