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For Financial Advisors
Morningstar satisfies the demands of advisors with equity research that delivers an independent perspective, consistent methodology, actionable insight, and brand-name recognition. Covering 2,100 stocks worldwide, Morningstar equity research reports act as a primary research source or complement research generated in-house or by other firms. Morningstar reports and ratings can also be integrated into a variety of delivery platforms, such as Morningstar® Advisor Workstation or third-party research aggregation services.
Stock coverage: Analyzing a world of data and information
Morningstar is one of the largest independent sources of stock analysis in the world. Morningstar's 120 equity and credit analysts cover companies across virtually all industries in 50 countries. Our research coverage includes 99% of the firms in the S&P 500 and 93% of the firms in the Russell 1000 by market capitalization. Basic company profiles are available for companies listed on the NASDAQ OMX exchanges, offering fundamental data and industry evaluations for stocks with limited coverage.

Honest analysis: Presenting perspectives investors can trust
Our approach delivers in-depth perspectives to advisors and investors who know Morningstar as a leading independent source for objective investment insight. Our analysts speak candidly about the companies they cover and provide analysis based on sound principles. Morningstar doesn’t participate in investment banking activities, which further reinforces our analysts’ objectivity.

Timely ratings: Surfacing buying opportunities
Every trading day Morningstar stock analysts update the Stock Analyst Notes for the companies they cover, as warranted by market events. And every trading day the forward-looking Morningstar Rating™ for stocks is re-calculated by comparing analysts’ Fair Value Estimates to each stock’s market price. The Morningstar Rating encourages investors to buy high-quality companies at discounts to their intrinsic values and hold them for the long term. The ratings quickly adapt to market fluctuations, helping steer investors toward undervalued opportunities and away from overvalued ones.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis covered in our stock analyst reports  

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Research portal: Accessing Morningstar’s suite of research and ratings
Morningstar® Analyst Research Center is an online resource that offers financial advisors convenient access to our regularly updated research and ratings for stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and IPOs. Broker/dealers and other financial firms can make Analyst Research Center available within Morningstar® Advisor Workstation, as a custom integration into proprietary and third-party platforms, or as a stand-alone website.

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Seamless integration: Adding Morningstar equity research to platforms
Equity research can also be delivered via the web-based Morningstar Advisor Workstation platform and the Morningstar Markets market data workstation, through a customized interface, or directly to a client’s existing platform. It also pairs with real-time quotes, fundamental equity data, and real-time filings—all available from Morningstar. We work with each client to assess existing systems and provide a solution that meets delivery goals for advisors, investors, and other groups requiring equity research.

Actionable ideas: Delivering research in practical forms
Financial advisors rely on Morningstar Equity Research to save time and make decisions about what to buy or sell. We provide training and support for our research methodology, daily alerts of five-star stocks, and regular conference calls on industry trends and stocks in the news. We also offer ongoing access to our actively managed portfolios, which include actionable, thematic investment ideas handpicked by our equity strategists.
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