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The portfolio analysis and comparison capabilities in Morningstar® Enterprise Components help communicate how an investment or group of investments can drive portfolio performance. Easily generated FINRA-reviewed reports summarizing this analysis allow advisors to present their recommendations and explain proposed portfolio adjustments at either the asset class or investment level. Firms can choose to make all investment products and associated reports available in an Enterprise Components deployment, or can limit access to select investment vehicles to meet business objectives.

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Standard capabilities include:
Portfolio Analysis
Identify portfolio weaknesses and strengths
Analyze risk, exposure, and underlying holdings
Test how changes in the investment lineup affect a portfolio
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Users can perform fundamental analysis of a portfolio, including in-depth analysis of underlying holdings. Firms have the option to add fund-level model portfolios that allow users to incorporate the firm’s funds into suitable investment strategies for clients.
Portfolio Comparison
Present current and proposed portfolios in a powerful side-by-side comparison
Evaluate style, sector, and returns across each portfolio
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Direct comparisons make it easier to communicate the merits of one portfolio over the other to investors. With Enterprise Components, advisors can quickly generate FINRA-reviewed PDF reports that incorporate their preferred investments. A configuration is available that allows users to select from a pre-defined set of fund-level model portfolios or to create their own custom portfolios.
Portfolio Planner – Standard and Advanced
Quickly align clients’ individual risk profiles with appropriate asset allocations
Construct portfolios from a series of firm-defined investment choices or a range of investments in the advanced version
Implement the advanced version to create more robust client proposals
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Portfolio Planner simplifies the portfolio construction process and helps advisors deliver sound portfolio recommendations based on a client’s risk tolerance and investment goals. The tool provides an easy-to-follow process to gather data and determine an appropriate set of investments for each client. Firms can specify asset allocation models, investment portfolios, and securities available for advisors to recommend. An advanced version gives users the flexibility to enter and compare a client’s current portfolio to the proposed portfolio or model. With Portfolio Planner Advanced, a user can choose a model, modify the current portfolio, or create a portfolio proposal from scratch based on a client’s target risk profile. Portfolio Planner Advanced also integrates with other tools, reports, and client trading platforms to create a complete portfolio management solution.
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