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An independent, fee-only firm, Aequitas Wealth Management, LLC provides portfolio management and lifetime personal financial planning services.
Aequitas Wealth Management, LLC
Intelligent presentations
Aequitas opened in 2005 with the intent to provide investors with greater transparency and education about investments. After a few years in business, we needed to make better, more effective sales presentations to our prospects.

We wanted software that could clearly show prospective clients how they were invested today versus how we were suggesting they be invested tomorrow. So we needed, in an intelligent and simple manner, to highlight the benefits of our recommendations. We looked at a number of services, and learned about Morningstar Office from Morningstar’s website.

Polished communication
Morningstar Office fits ideally into our sales process and ongoing operations. We can meet with a prospective client and come back looking like an all-star.
We can summarize the highlights of the meeting and then Morningstar Office fills in the information that helps us illustrate what we’re talking about. It’s a competitive advantage to be able to assimilate investment holdings quickly and see what our prospective clients own, what they are earning, and what they are paying in fees.

At the end of the day, Morningstar Office is vastly superior in its user-friendliness, making it easy to understand how a client is invested compared to our recommendations. There’s nothing out there that does this as well as Morningstar Office.

Time and money saved
Morningstar Office really fills in that void for us when a client calls and says, “How am I doing, year to date?” Most brokers will say they have to get back to you, but when our clients call—boom—performance reporting is at our fingertips.
Morningstar Office Client - Aequitas Wealth Management, LLC | Morningstar U.S
We also plan to explore Morningstar Office’s billing capacity and client relationship management or CRM features. That will literally save us time and money—time on our billing, and money because we won’t need separate CRM software.
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