Morningstar Direct
Our institutional investment analysis platform.
Dirk-Jan Schuiten
Head of Multi-Manager Solutions, Private Banking
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fortis is an international provider of banking and investment services to individual, business, and institutional customers.
Funds past and present
My group creates a recommended list of funds, encompassing all asset classes, regions, and styles, which are used in discretionary and advisory portfolios. An important part of why we chose Morningstar Direct had to do with its style analysis. It has both returns- and holdings-based analysis, which really strengthen our external fund manager selection process. It enables us to assess not only how a fund is positioned today, but also how it was positioned in the past.

Getting a good understanding of a fund’s positioning is useful in testing what a fund manager is telling us. We can, essentially, do a “check-off” against what we are hearing. When style analysis in Morningstar Direct tells a completely different story, then that gives us something to talk about with a fund manager.
My team also finds Morningstar Direct extremely useful for the daily monitoring of funds. We don’t stop with just selecting a fund and putting it on a list; we’re continually monitoring the fund and comparing it to its style peers.

Access to a universe of data
The amount of data in Morningstar Direct was also highly desirable. We considered the timeliness of the information and how trustworthy the numbers would be. Another advantage over the competition is Morningstar Direct’s ability to generate specific fund reports—others can do this, but not as attractively.

One-stop shopping
The nice thing about Morningstar Direct is that it incorporates a lot of features, so we don’t have to work with several providers to get what we need.
Morningstar Office Client - Fortis | Morningstar U.S
In my experience, there are not a lot of providers that offer returns-based style analysis along with complete holdings data. And Morningstar has been proactive and flexible, specifically tailoring training sessions for our people. With Morningstar Direct, it is one-stop shopping.
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