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Morningstar® Enterprise Components includes a suite of online tools that allow institutions to deliver real-time and delayed equity data on their websites directly from the world’s major exchanges. Featuring streaming quotes, charts, and news, these resources help advisors and individual investors instantly analyze market trends and support their investment decisions with timely and reliable information. Each tool can be customized to include information on specific securities, industries, and data points based on a firm’s needs.
Capabilities include:
Morningstar Report
Access real-time or delayed quotes, historical performance, and other key metrics
Configure to include specific quantitative and qualitative information
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Morningstar Report provides fundamental equity data, including valuation, earnings, and dividends, in an easy-to-understand online format. Firms can customize profiles to include select performance data, competitive information, related news, and more.
Watch List and Alerts
Monitor individual investments or track multiple portfolios
Receive automated alerts when investments meet certain criteria
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Watch List helps users track the performance of chosen investments or create model portfolios to test new investment ideas. Investors can select their criteria and be notified by email or through their Watch Lists when alerts are triggered based on target prices, trading volume, earnings, corporate actions, and news.
Interactive Stock Charts
Present pricing and volume data in a compelling visual format
Benchmark investments against major indexes or other stocks
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Interactive Stock Charts quickly illustrate a stock’s performance over time. These charts also highlight events such as dividend payments, splits, and earnings, and allow users to evaluate their investments using key benchmarks. They can be deployed individually or within the Morningstar Report for Stocks.
Feature the latest market news from Morningstar, Dow Jones Newswire, Briefing.com, corporate press releases, and other sources
Receive email notifications about news on specific stocks
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Real-time editorial feeds enhance investing websites with timely news for investors. This engaging content offers a convenient solution for institutions to provide more trusted market insights and reports, including the latest headlines, commentary, and press releases. News and press releases can be accessed in corresponding profile pages or from within the Screener and Watch List tools.
Morningstar Market Barometer and Market Index Graph
Provide an at-a-glance view of the market and analyze performance trends
Graphically represent the movement of major market indexes
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The proprietary Morningstar Market Barometer highlights market movements based on market capitalization and investment style. The Market Index Graph provides a quick look at the intraday performance of major indexes including the Morningstar® Indexes, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and NASDAQ.
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