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Morningstar Development Program – U.S. and Canadian University Students
At Morningstar, we aim to hire people who are smart, curious, entrepreneurial, and passionate about our mission of creating great products that help investors reach their financial goals.

We created the Morningstar Development Program to prepare recent college graduates for successful, long-term careers at Morningstar. Participants in the Morningstar Development Program will have the opportunity to build careers in our Software, Data, Investment Research, Investment Management, or International divisions. Working in these groups provides exposure to different aspects of Morningstar’s business, from interacting directly with our clients to building knowledge of Morningstar data and products.

If you are selected for the program, the Career Development team will work with you to determine your specific role. Possible positions include, but are not limited to, data analyst, product consultant, and sales associate. The Career Development team and the program advisor will meet with you to identify and develop your career goals.

Participants in the Morningstar Development Program will contribute to ongoing training sessions, special projects, and roundtable discussions, developing a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon and use in a Morningstar career.

Those in the program will also develop critical skills and competencies that will prepare them to advance into positions across the organization. Past participants have transitioned from the Development Program into roles in investment analysis, client relationship management, and project management—just to name a few.

Morningstar is highly selective, so we look for candidates with outstanding academic records, as well as excellent communication and leadership skills. We value both creativity and analytical ability. A varied, interesting background is a great way to catch our eye. Applicants should have an interest in investing, but we treat non-business and business majors equally. Some of our most successful employees have majored in everything from Russian literature to art history and psychology.

We look for people who like variety, who can easily adapt to different teams and challenges, and who thrive in a challenging, fast-paced environment. Program participants enjoy the same competitive salaries, benefits, and other perks as all Morningstar employees.

At this time, the Morningstar Development Program has filled its openings for a summer 2013 start date. Interested applicants are welcome to submit their applications online, and we will reach out to you should there be any additional openings throughout the year. Please indicate your earliest available start date in your cover letter.

Morningstar is an equal opportunity employer.

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