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Wes Kabance
Vice President, Financial Advisor Consultant
Washington, DC
Wes Kabance is responsible for external wholesaling in the Virginia-D.C.-Maryland region for American Century Investments, a leading investment manager serving investment professionals, institutions, corporations, and individual investors.
American Century Investments Wholesaling
Competitive distinction
My job is to educate advisors and RIAs about American Century’s mutual funds. We offer products with excellent risk-adjusted performance. I use Morningstar Direct to help distinguish our funds amongst our competitors’. I was an early user of Morningstar Direct, and I’ve kept the relationship because it has always offered cutting-edge research that other competitive analytical tools haven’t been able to provide. Morningstar Direct helps me position myself as someone who can help advisors build their business.

Advisor-driven analysis
The performance reporting and Investment Scorecard features are good examples of capabilities for peer analysis that I don’t see competitive tools offering. The Investment Scorecard lets the advisors decide what factors they think are important for monitoring and rating funds, and apply relative weights to each to consolidate a large amount of data into one data point.
I can run a report based on their criteria, then take the data back in a clear, presentable analysis and let the advisors decide if it works. I think that’s well appreciated in the field.

I can also look at fund performance from a category standpoint, and help the advisor understand what’s important – is it pure performance, risk attributes, fee structure? I can push good information out to advisors about an entire fund category, and show how our fund fits into that category, looking at the appropriate benchmarks along with the category average.

Custom reporting on the fly
I find it easy to run and use the reports within Direct. I can set up a template that I can quickly change and customize on the fly, depending on what research the advisor selects.
Morningstar Office Client - American Century Investments Wholesaling | Morningstar U.S
Morningstar has made great strides in Morningstar Direct’s capabilities to export research done inside the product into the kinds of charts and graphs that are useful in a sales environment. That makes my job easier.
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