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Morningstar® Enterprise Components is a simple, scalable way for firms to attract website visitors and build stronger relationships with them. Instead of solely relying on internal resources, businesses worldwide turn to our experts to design, build, and implement hosted web components that fit seamlessly within existing sites. Clients work with a dedicated team of designers, developers, relationship managers, project managers, and marketing professionals to make sure their projects go live—on time and within budget. Once the tools are live, we handle ongoing maintenance and support, delivering detailed usage statistics.
Rely on our experts to deliver projects
The Enterprise Components team manages projects from discovery to implementation and beyond. Clients have access not only to our team throughout a deployment, but to other subject-matter experts throughout Morningstar, such as our researchers, investment analysts, consultants, and data specialists. Our tools are hosted solutions, leaving the work of maintaining the technological infrastructure to us.
Market the launch
The Enterprise Components team includes savvy marketers who understand how to reach advisors and investors. They can help firms develop strategies to generate excitement about new websites and tools, while driving traffic over the long term. Our marketing experts can also recommend where to place tools on a site to maximize their visibility and use.
Prepare for the project to go live
Our relationship management and training teams can educate user groups of all sizes and levels of expertise about how to make the most of an Enterprise Components deployment. Morningstar training can be delivered on-site, via online video, or through web-based training. Programs are customized to meet each firm’s requirements and can cover site functionality as well as Morningstar data and methodologies.
Receive ongoing support post-launch
Our commitment to clients doesn’t end when a project goes live. We continue to provide technical support and maintenance of our tools, working with our clients’ technical teams to make sure upgrades and shifts in technology go smoothly. As part of our ongoing marketing support, Enterprise Components also offers usage tracking so that firms can understand how users are interacting with the tools and features on their websites. Firms can monitor both page traffic and specific data (such as funds selected, investment amount, etc.) to help determine their return-on-investment.
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