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Loring Ward
Dan Hoeck
Senior Portfolio Analyst
Loring Ward
San Jose, California
Loring Ward provides portfolio management, back-office support, and wealth management services to a select group of successful independent financial advisors and their clients.
Loring Ward
Sizing up the issue
I started with Loring Ward in 2009 as a business development consultant, working with our Portfolio Analysis and Recommendation tool. The “tool” was a very manual process. We realized that if we wanted to add more value for our advisors, we needed to get more analysis run more quickly and provide a deeper and more comprehensive analysis.

The quest for one-stop service
We talked to a few different firms, looking to find one that could automate our process, provide the data, help us build the Gap Analysis report, and customize it—in short, provide a comprehensive solution. A few companies offered some of what we were looking for, but it was typically piecemeal. After several in-depth discussions, we determined that Morningstar was the only firm out there that could provide everything we were looking for.
Creative partners
I worked closely with the Morningstar team to make sure that they were delivering each of the pieces exactly the way we wanted. We worked with a team that really understood what we were looking to produce. Morningstar put the resources forward to understand exactly what our needs were and helped us achieve exactly what we wanted. They paid close attention to the details and dedicated people to make sure our tool was successful.

Immediate results and support
With our manual analysis process, we were able to run 15 to 20 reports per week. On the second day after rolling out the new report, we were able to complete 142 reports. We knew the demand was there, but this vastly exceeded our expectations. The Morningstar team has been
Morningstar Office Client - Loring Ward | Morningstar U.S
responsive, helping us refine and fine-tune the report and make sure it runs smoothly. I look forward to working with Morningstar on future projects. They have been very easy to work with, incredibly responsive, and true partners in helping us make a difference for our clients.
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