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Working With Morningstar Investment Services
Working With Morningstar Investment Services
In 2001, Morningstar Investment Services was founded to offer managed portfolios to advisors and the clients they serve. We deliver our services through Morningstar® Managed Portfolios, making it easy for fee-based, independent advisors to focus on holistic planning for their clients. Our dedicated service and support teams give advisors the tools they need to help build a thriving practice.
Morningstar Managed Portfolios Website
The Morningstar Managed Portfolios website gives advisors anytime access to the resources they need to communicate effectively with clients. Advisors use the website to view client account information, generate proposals, read investment commentaries, and create client-friendly communications such as the Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray® Report and the Portfolio Compare Report.
Support Services
The Morningstar Investment Services team includes regional sales directors who specialize in helping advisors develop their practices and run them more efficiently. Our dedicated internal service team addresses operational, account management, and communication questions related to their clients’ portfolios in the Morningstar Managed Portfolios program. Their assistance prepares advisors to deliver outstanding client service.
Communication Resources
Advisors who use Morningstar Managed Portfolios have the advantage of professional communication resources to help build strong client relationships. This includes access to materials that help keep clients well-informed, from frequent market and portfolio commentaries to ready-to-print information packets for client reviews.
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