Customer and Employee Incentive Programs
Powerful retention tools for enhancing relationships
Morningstar Incentive Programs provide organizations with effective strategies for enhancing customer acquisition efforts and employee benefits packages. This bulk purchasing program is a cost-effective way for businesses to reward clients and employees. Morningstar.com® Premium Memberships, as well as popular Morningstar analyst newsletter subscriptions, are available, giving individuals access to powerful investing tools and services, advanced screening and portfolio management tools, and expert portfolio recommendations.
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Key Features
Excellent opportunity to attract new customers, strengthen relationships with current customers, gain referral business, support employees, and more
Morningstar.com Premium Membership appeals to customers and members who profile well against current membership, such as college-educated investors who own homes
Online and print newsletters feature our expert, independent insights and real-money model portfolios to help individuals make more informed financial decisions
Tailored program options are available for financial institutions and employers of any size.
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