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Morningstar Adds New Features to Morningstar.com Library Edition

CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2004 – Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research, has added several new features to Morningstar.com Library Edition, an investment Web site created exclusively for libraries and their patrons. The Library Edition is based on Morningstar’s investment Web site, Morningstar.com, and offers proprietary stock and mutual fund analysis, screening tools, and portfolio building features to public, corporate, and academic libraries.

Recent additions to Morningstar.com Library Edition include:

· Fiduciary Grade for mutual funds. Morningstar fund analysts assign grades to mutual funds to help investors determine whether fund managers and fund companies do a good or poor job of aligning their interests with those of fund shareholders. Initially, Morningstar is assigning letter grades from A (best) to F (worst) to more than 600 of the largest mutual funds. During the coming months, analysts will assign Fiduciary Grades to approximately 1,400 more funds. The new Fiduciary Grades are based on information compiled from public filings, responses to a detailed survey Morningstar sent to each fund company, and Morningstar fund analyst research.  They are displayed within the Web site’s fund reports.
· 1,400 stock Analyst Reports. During the past year, Morningstar has increased its coverage of individual equities from 550 stocks to 1,400 stocks. Each report provides thorough coverage of a stock’s management profile, strategy outlook, risk, growth and profitability summaries. In addition, Morningstar offers 10-year performance history, and the proprietary Morningstar Rating for stocks.

· Portfolio curriculum added to Investing Classroom. Morningstar has added 50 new self-directed interactive classes to its Investing Classroom to help investors build diversified portfolios. Classes cover topics such as “Determining Your Asset Mix” and “Modern Portfolio Theory.”

“Morningstar’s mission is to create products that help investors meet their financial goals. As the investing landscape changes, Morningstar remains committed to providing investors with objective and comprehensive information about investments,” said Susan Dziubinski, director of library services for Morningstar. “By accessing our Website via their libraries, patrons have the ability to conduct in-depth investment research at no cost to them.”

Morningstar.comâ Library Edition gives libraries comprehensive, independent investment research that can be made easily available to their patrons. The Library Edition includes optional remote access that provides patrons with 24-hour access to the most current stock and fund information. Features for librarians include extensive on-site training, a monthly e-newsletter, and online usage tracking that shows librarians how patrons use the site.
The customized version of Morningstar.com is available through the company’s Library Services unit, which offers sales support and customer service to thousands of public, corporate, and academic libraries nationwide. For a free 30-day trial of Morningstar.com Library Edition, visit http://library.morningstar.com/mkt/PR904.html.
Or call 866-215-2509 for more information.

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Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in the United States and in major international markets. The company offers an extensive line of Internet, software, and print-based products and services for individuals, financial advisors, and institutions.  Morningstar tracks more than 100,000 investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds, and similar vehicles.  The company has operations in 16 countries.

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