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ING Investment Management Hartford, Connecticut
ING Investment Management is a global asset manager with approximately $600 billion in assets under management. Clients include pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, and fund distributors throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
Asset Management Solution for Variable Annuities: ING Investment Management
Using Morningstar Direct every day
My group oversees the competitive analysis, performance measurement, and performance attribution functions for our firm. Our daily ranking report is used internally to help our portfolio managers, marketing, sales, and senior management understand how our investments compare to our competition, and also to look for new opportunities to serve our clients.

Moving from manual to automated daily reports
Before Morningstar Direct, it was a very manually intensive process to generate daily ranking reports. On a daily basis, we downloaded the fund returns within Morningstar categories, and ran the percentile rank calculations
manually. It was very time consuming. Now with Morningstar Direct, it can take us as little as five minutes to download performance and rankings, and since the data is directly from Morningstar we feel more confident in the information.

Generating equivalent comparisons
Before, because underlying investment-level data (NAV level) was just not available, we used subaccount data to determine rankings. Often we would have to compare the rankings of our funds to our competition at different insurance expense levels, which was not an apples-to-apples comparison.

An efficient, accurate platform
Our old process was manually intensive and we were not satisfied with the accuracy of the results. The reports we get
Morningstar Office Client - Asset Management Solution for Variable Annuities: ING Investment Management | Morningstar U.S
from Morningstar Direct are not only faster and more efficient, but we’re confident in the data we’re presenting. That’s key for us. Morningstar Direct has saved us time and allowed us access to information we would not have been able to get with other systems.
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