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Brad K. North
Financial Advisor
North Star Resource Group
Minneapolis, Minnesota
North Star Resource group offers its clients a comprehensive range of financial services.
North Star Resource Group
Defining a value proposition
I provide fee-based financial plans and then assist clients in implementing those plans. I have a unique value proposition with North Star: It’s a one-stop service. I offer insurance products through North Star Consultants. Marathon Advisors is my fee-based registered investment advisory firm. And CRI Securities is my investment broker/dealer firm.

Bringing the “A” game
I believe clients today don't want to be sold things; they want to be consulted. So I recently made the transition to fee-based services, and Morningstar® Advisor Workstation Office Edition was a key factor. With Office Edition, I come to clients with something that they can't get
on their own. Instead of bringing my “B” game, I bring my “A” game.

Office Edition has tools and features for every financial planning need. I use the Reports Area on a daily basis. The Research mode’s side-by-side comparison is phenomenal for comparing mutual funds and presenting options for an entire portfolio. I can present a side-by-side analysis that clearly shows rate of return, how much risk, and how much expense a portfolio incurs.

Getting a great return on investment
Everyone at Morningstar knows their products inside out. Plus, they seem to know everything that I know about financial planning, and more.
Morningstar Office Client - North Star Resource Group | Morningstar U.S
In my practice, Office Edition paid for itself within the first few months. Just being able to run clear, professional account statements opened the door to more opportunities.

At the end of the day, what should matter most to clients is their rate of return, their level of risk, and the expenses they incurred. For those three things, I always rely on Morningstar.
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