Total Return Performance Graph Service
Customizable and compliant annual reporting.
Morningstar’s Total Return Performance Graph Service helps publicly traded companies efficiently meet the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s requirement to include a total return graph in annual reports to shareholders. Built on Morningstar’s accurate equity data, the service promptly delivers graphs depicting the company’s performance, including dividend reinvestment, compared to peer group and broad market indexes.
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Key Features
Fulfills Item 201(e) of SEC Regulation S-K that requires companies to include a total return graph in their annual reports
Uses tested data, propriety screens, quality assurance tests, and robust calculations to provide the best information to clients
Includes hands-on service from an account manager to streamline deliveries of both first-time and repeat orders
Offers standard or customized graph formats and data
Allows publicly traded companies to choose from thousands of market indexes, including consultation on which indexes to select
Includes expedited delivery for all orders (24 hours standard delivery) via a simple online form
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