Morningstar® Hypothetical Illustrator
Sales presentation tool demonstrating real-world portfolio performance.
Morningstar® Hypothetical Illustrator assists advisors in explaining a preferred investment or portfolio strategy to a client by analyzing past performance in relation to a benchmark or competing investment. Hypothetical reports can highlight a security‚Äôs historical performance in isolation, in comparison with competing funds or benchmarks, or in the context of its contribution to overall portfolio performance. Firms may configure saved illustrations, default settings, custom benchmarks, branding, and marketing messages.
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Key Features
Accurately and efficiently models products
Assesses one, two, or a portfolio of securities across multiple investment universes
Illustrates investment strategies based upon specified schedules, fees, taxes, and rebalancing options
Incorporates underlying holdings to show performance with relevant asset allocation, sector weightings, and style diversification
Helps prepare compelling recommendations for clients
Accommodates different languages, currencies, investment universes, and report configurations
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