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Defined Contribution Module
The Defined Contribution Module in Morningstar® Advisor Workstation helps advisors build, evaluate, and monitor 401(k), 403(b), and other defined contribution plans. Advisors can quickly determine the strength of current and proposed lineups, making sure a plan is consistent with the plan sponsor’s investment policy statement and offers choices appropriate for the plan’s participants. The module includes tools to document every step of the due diligence process and stay on top of fiduciary responsibilities. Detailed reports draw from Morningstar’s timely data on relevant investment options.
What you can do:
Build a plan lineup
Select options using data on thousands of investments
Review complete plans at the portfolio level
Create customized proposals from FINRA-reviewed reports
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The Defined Contribution Module taps into the extensive investment data offered through Advisor Workstation, including thousands of mutual funds, collective investment trusts, and insurance group separate accounts. The module makes it easy to build a plan lineup and analyze the impact of proposed changes on a plan’s performance, diversification level, and expenses. Advisors can easily generate FINRA-reviewed reports for professional presentations of their recommendations.
Evaluate and compare plans
Analyze the strength of a plan and its investments
Reveal the fees and expenses associated with a plan
Examine current and proposed plans side-by-side
Assess and compare target date funds
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Advisors can build a case for updating or replacing a retirement plan using the Defined Contribution Module. The Defined Contribution Plan Comparison Report demonstrates the differences between two plans in a compelling side-by-side format. It breaks out both investment- and plan-level costs, including expense ratios and administration fees. Simple comparisons of diversification across asset classes, styles, and regions help advisors quickly determine which plan is more appropriate. A fund-by-fund breakdown indicates individual and category performance, as well as risk and return data. Available through the Defined Contribution Module, Target Date Fund Series Ratings and Research Reports offer quantitative and qualitative analysis of the management, underlying investments, performance, and costs of these popular funds. Advisors can use this report to compare target date funds and identify which funds offer the best performance at the lowest cost.
Monitor and demonstrate a plan’s details
Set alerts to learn of any changes to the plan’s investments
Track the status of a plan’s portfolios
Meet fiduciary responsibilities
Present clear analyses of current and proposed plans
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The Defined Contribution Module offers automatic alerts to help keep advisors on top of any changes to fund management, performance, risk measures, and style for any investment in the lineup. Advisors can use the module’s reports to periodically update clients on the state of their retirement plan. They can also generate reports to present recommended changes to existing plans. In either scenario, the Plan Status Report presents an at-a-glance view of a current or proposed plan’s style, sector, ownership, and regional attributes using timely Morningstar data. It also includes a detailed breakdown of performance and fees for both the individual investments and the entire plan. Iconic charts and exclusive measures like the Morningstar Rating™ and Morningstar Style Box™ help clients understand and weigh a retirement plan’s characteristics.

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