Morningstar® Corporate Credit Research
Objective corporate debt ratings and research.
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For Financial Advisors
Morningstar helps financial advisors looking for objective information on bonds to relay to their clients. We make our credit ratings and research available to broker/dealers and other firms that support networks of financial professionals through their platforms, third-party services, or Morningstar products. Both advisors and their clients value our straightforward, easy-to-understand analysis and recognize Morningstar as a leading source of independent investment insight. Advisors can surface opportunities and build recommendations for their clients based on our credit research reports and bond picks.
Research portal: Accessing Morningstar’s suite of research and ratings
Morningstar® Analyst Research Center is one way broker/dealers and other firms can offer their investment professionals convenient access to our research and ratings. In addition to regularly updated credit research, the portal also includes coverage of stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and IPOs. Firms can make Analyst Research Center available within Morningstar® Advisor Workstation, as a custom integration into proprietary and third-party platforms, or as a stand-alone website.

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Seamless integration: Adding Morningstar credit research to platforms
Morningstar credit research can also be delivered through a co-branded interface or directly into a client’s existing platforms. We provide feeds of PDF reports to broker/dealers so they can distribute our independent research to their investment professionals, who share it with their clients.
Client education: Equipping advisors to support clients
Financial advisors rely on Morningstar credit research to save time and make decisions about what to buy or sell. From picks lists to articles and video reports, we provide a full range of content on bond investing tailored for investor education. Advisors use this content to reinforce their recommendations to clients or to bring clients up to speed on their investment choices.
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