Morningstar Valuation Services leverages more than 30 years of Ibbotson’s cost of capital research to value privately owned companies and assets across industries. Consultants work directly with a firm’s accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors to get a first-hand understanding of a client’s business before building their custom analysis. The team combines what it learns with proprietary financial calculations and rigorously tests its conclusions before providing defensible business valuations and recommendations.
Morningstar Valuation Services
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Key Features
Valuations available for private companies, illiquid securities, options, patents, startups, royalties, and goodwill
Detailed valuation reports, walk-through of findings, and business recommendations
Ongoing support for estate planning, marital asset valuation, financial litigation, and financial reporting
On-site visit and thorough one-on-one discussions
Full financial statement modeling
Proprietary risk calculations include the cost of capital, Morningstar® Economic Moat™ Rating, Morningstar® Cash-Flow Cushion™, and Distance to Default
Peer group and industry comparisons
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