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Stefan Späth
Head of Global Product Research,
Senior Manager, Investment Consulting
Invesco, Ltd.
Frankfurt, Germany
Invesco, Ltd. is a leading independent global investment management company that provides a range of investment products for retail, institutional, and high-net-worth clients in more than 100 countries.
Invesco, Ltd.
Tools for diverse work
My investment consulting team is part of Invesco’s European marketing channel, which is responsible for all products distributed across Europe and cross-border products distributed worldwide. Morningstar Direct gives us a diverse set of tools to support our diverse work.

Product development and trends
We use performance reporting in Morningstar Direct to generate reports with qualitative and quantitative factors that help us select Invesco’s 10 “Focus Funds” for the European marketplace. To support product development, we rely on Morningstar Direct’s extensive database to screen the global fund universe. We also do a lot of trend analyses based on fund flow data to reveal any product “gaps” at Invesco.

Powerful peer analysis
Also, we analyze fund holdings and use that information to help direct our peer analysis.
With Morningstar Direct, we can analyze holdings in funds of funds and determine what sectors managers are interested in. If it’s a sector in which we have a successful product, we prepare an analysis using Presentation Studio to compare our funds to those in which the manager is already invested.

Presentation Studio is quite helpful for peer group analysis. It gives us an automated way to update and customize our Focus Funds’ presentation templates. Anyone on my team can then regularly run updates, customizing their selection of our funds and peer funds to compare performance and risk.

Superior productivity and service
Our team has strongly increased its output during the past two to three years. Without Morningstar Direct, we would need to hire several additional staff members to achieve the same results.
Morningstar Office Client - Invesco, Ltd.  | Morningstar U.S
We get a great level of support from Morningstar, with access to specialists that our past provider did not offer. As we find more ways to use Morningstar Direct to improve our business, we anticipate expanding our relationship with Morningstar.
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