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Quality investment data is at the core of Morningstar's business. We constantly monitor our data and interact with our clients to make certain our database is accurate, timely, and complete. Guided by client feedback and led by our chief quality officer, we continuously pursue LEAN and Six Sigma projects to evaluate and improve our processes and eliminate errors. Strengthened by automated and real-time quality assurance checks, as well as the work of our dedicated analysts, we provide high-quality data that both investors and clients can depend on.
Continuous improvement: LEAN and Six Sigma
Leveraging our commitment to LEAN and Six Sigma principles, Morningstar continuously strives to provide the highest quality data. Based on regular internal audits, as well as client feedback, we are able to identify areas for improvement. Using Six Sigma’s statistical tools, we surface the root cause of any errors. We then apply LEAN principles to eliminate defects and variations.
Client service: Active feedback and improvement
The close working relationships that we have with our clients directly impacts the way we do business. We build our data offering around our clients’ needs by understanding what they consider vital to their business. At Morningstar, we actively survey our clients and connect with them at in-person forums or over the phone to address any immediate concerns they might have. We discuss key trends and challenges and raise tough questions so we are able to understand where we can improve.
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