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Lisa Roberts
Vice President of Listing Qualifications
The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.
Rockville, Maryland
As a premier global exchange company, NASDAQ OMX owns and operates 23 markets, 3 clearinghouses, and 5 central securities depositories in the U.S. and Europe.
Empowering due diligence
Nasdaq’s listing qualification analysts need an immense amount of information to qualify companies for initial listing on our exchange and monitor already-listed companies to ensure compliance. It’s essential that we have a data provider that’s reliable, has good turnaround time, and is flexible. Morningstar has provided all of that.

Best solution
Before Morningstar, we used another provider. It had some shortcomings, and when the time came to renew that contract, we decided to see what else was out there. We knew about Morningstar in the context of personal investing, rather than data. What sealed the deal was Morningstar’s acquisition of 10-K Wizard in 2008. With that, Morningstar had the spectrum of data we needed: the original filing material, a good online resource to get access to the material, and 10-K Wizard’s data elements.
Morningstar was committed to data quality and to helping us put together files that we could access on a monthly basis. We also needed quick turnaround, and Morningstar exceeded our expectations. Nasdaq and Morningstar put together a data-processing manual—a “bible” we use with Morningstar to make sure everyone is on the same page with respect to how critical data elements are processed. For our compliance purposes, we think Morningstar’s data quality is superior.

An evolving relationship
Morningstar has been very accommodating to our needs. A large project in 2012 involved integrating board of director information. We’ve been able to use Morningstar’s unique identifier system to associate specific people with all of our companies.

The next phase is adding committee information. In response, Morningstar started collecting the 8-K changes
Morningstar Office Client - NASDAQ OMX Group | Morningstar U.S
related to officer and director committee assignments. Once again, Morningstar expanded its dataset largely because of our request, but I’m sure that many other customers will find that data useful as well.
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