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Investment Philosophy and Process
Available Portfolios
Available Portfolios
Morningstar Investment Services acts as a strategist to third-party advisory platforms. Our experienced investment team applies independent research and analysis from Morningstar, Inc. to develop each model portfolio and help keep it on track with its established goals. We support advisors with client-approved commentaries on our investment team’s strategy and approach to the markets. Our mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, and stock strategies are designed to serve a range of investors.
Mutual Fund Portfolios
We offer a series of actively managed fund portfolios that target specific risk and return profiles to help meet investor needs. Each portfolio is diversified across asset classes, investment styles, and managers. Our lineup includes both core choices and specialized offerings, such as Retirement Income and Absolute Return portfolios.
Exchange-Traded Fund Portfolios
Our ETF portfolios help advisors deliver cost-effective, tax-aware investments grounded in the latest research. We create portfolios that aim to capture the best qualities of ETFs: lower costs and the flexibility to pursue market opportunities. They cover a range of strategies from asset allocation to contrarian, as well as blended active/passive models that may include mutual funds.
Stock Portfolios
Our stock portfolios are backed by equity research from Morningstar, Inc., one of the largest independent sources for equity research in the world. We harness this award-winning analysis to create a range of high-conviction stock portfolios.
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