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Our 120 equity and credit analysts—including 12 named this year’s “Best on the Street” by The Wall Street Journal—make up one of the largest independent investment research teams in the world. Our timely research and ratings are based on a consistent, proprietary methodology built on fundamental analysis that scrutinizes a company’s sustainable competitive advantages. We combine our deep industry knowledge with in-depth company insights to produce the most authentic, candid, and objective research possible. Preview a selection of our institutional-quality reports below and contact us to learn more.
Sample Research
Title Analyst Industry
Ultra Delivers Results in Line with Our Expectations (as previewed in Barron’s)  Mark Hanson
Oil and Gas
Covidien’s Prospects Remain Strong (as previewed in Barron’s)  Alex Morozov
Debbie S. Wang
Medical Instruments and Supplies
Gilead Sciences’ Long-Term Growth Potential  Karen Andersen
Weather Hurts Cloud Peak  Elizabeth Collins
ICON on Track  Lauren Migliore
Karen Andersen
Medical Diagnostics and Research
Berkshire Comes Out of the Gate Strong  Greggory Warren
An Island of Safety  Brett Horn
Financial Services
Mead Johnson Stands to Benefit  Ken Perkins
Consumer Defensive
The Hemophilia Market  Damien Conover
Alex Morozov
Karen Andersen

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