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At Morningstar, employees are not only part of a team, but are also entrepreneurs. No matter what Morningstar department you work in, you have the opportunity to make a difference by providing your unique perspective and experience. We rely on each person to contribute ideas and solutions to his or her team. Morningstar truly believes that each employee is a valuable asset. In keeping with this, Morningstar offers benefits that afford you the flexibility to manage your health, finances, time, and career.
Medical and Dental Plans
Morningstar offers medical, dental, and vision coverage to employees and their families. Morningstar’s benefits philosophy is to provide access to excellent health care while maintaining low out-of-pocket costs.

Flexible Spending Accounts
To help you manage your out-of-pocket costs, we also offer health care and dependent care flexible spending accounts. We even match the first $100 of your contributions to these accounts.

While salary is an integral part of each employee’s compensation, Morningstar believes that short- and long-term rewards are also meaningful methods of recognizing your efforts. Morningstar’s bonus plan rewards both individual and collaborative contributions to Morningstar’s financial success. The stock option plan is another means of engendering a long-term commitment and entrepreneurial spirit at Morningstar.

401(k) Plan
Our financial incentives are geared not only to reward you while at Morningstar, but also when you retire. Our 401(k) plan offers you a retirement vehicle, allowing you to allocate pretax dollars directly from your paycheck into a portfolio of mutual funds and a money market account. You choose how much is allocated to your selection of funds.

Balancing work and personal obligations is a challenge and Morningstar provides you with three tools—vacation, sabbatical and leave—to maintain the delicate balance. Morningstar does not adhere to a “use it or lose it!” vacation philosophy. Instead, the amount of time you take off is up to you. When you take a vacation, it is your responsibility to make sure your work is handled in your absence by discussing your plans with your manager and co-workers.
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