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The Morningstar® Investing Workbook Series contains three stock workbooks for self-paced, step-by-step tutorials that explain investing concepts and strategies. Each workbook in this series features clear and concise lessons with illustrations that show investors how to get started in stocks, stock selection, and stock tactics. These workbooks begin with the fundamentals and build upon previous concepts so investors can confidently apply new skills to strengthen their portfolios.
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Key Features
Lessons explain stock investing topics with tips and illustrations
Quizzes test your knowledge and reinforce lessons
Worksheets allow you to put into practice what you’ve learned to strengthen your portfolio
Checklists ensure you’re using and profiting from the skills you’ve acquired
Workbooks can be used individually or as a sequential series
Stock Series Workbooks
Stocks 1: How to Get Started in Stocks
This entry-level workbook begins with the basics, including how to earn the best returns and how to deal with taxes and hype. It’ll show you how to think like an analyst and how to use the Morningstar Rating™ for stocks.
Stocks 2: How to Select Winning Stocks
Picking a stock requires you to examine the numbers—which can be an intimidating task. This second workbook discusses how to find the critical information in key financial documents, determine the competitive strength of a company, and calculate a company’s real value.
Stocks 3: How to Refine Your Stock Strategy
Master investors devise effective strategies in order to earn successful returns in the stock market. This workbook explains those concepts and shows you how to construct a portfolio that helps build wealth and mitigate risk.
Publication Details
Series of three softcover workbooks, each available individually or as a set
Approximately 230 pages each
Author: Paul Larson, editor of Morningstar® StockInvestor™
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