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Morningstar offers products and services to individual investors and the advisors and institutions that serve them. We are committed to using the highest quality data and research to meet investors’ demands so that they can better manage their investments and meet their financial goals.
Individuals use Morningstar to make educated investment decisions. These investors want all the pertinent facts, as well as the assurance that their information source is completely independent. They get both with Morningstar. Our investing websites are our primary tools for investors and reach more than 7.4 million users.

Financial advisors and other investment professionals turn to Morningstar for tools that help them research, analyze, present, and support their investment ideas. Our main tool for advisors is Morningstar® Advisor Workstation™, a comprehensive, web-based investment planning system.

Institutions, including investment companies, media firms, banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, and others, value our independence, breadth of information, and customized services. Our key institutional products are Morningstar® Data, one source for global investment data including commodities, real-time market data, and indexes, as well as documents, images, and more, and Morningstar Direct™, a global institutional investment analysis platform.
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