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In the early 1980s, the mutual fund industry in the United States was experiencing dramatic growth. However, comprehensive information about fund performance was not readily available to individual investors. Most individuals—for whom mutual funds were created—lacked the tools they needed to track, analyze, and make intelligent decisions about mutual funds. Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto believed that fundamental information should be widely available, and in 1984 created Morningstar in Chicago to provide individual investors with much-needed mutual fund analysis and commentary.
In 1984, we published our first product, The Mutual Fund Sourcebook™, a quarterly publication containing performance data, portfolio holdings, and other information on approximately 400 mutual funds. This large-scale collection of mutual fund data was priced affordably for individual investors. In the 25-plus years since the Sourcebook’s first printing, Morningstar has served a key role in the investment community. Today Morningstar is one of the most recognized and trusted names in the investment industry and serves more than 8 million individual investors, 250,000 financial advisors, and 4,500 institutional clients around the world.

Our “investors first” approach to our business has led to a strong reputation for independence and objectivity. We’re also known for innovative contributions to the investment industry, particularly in bringing relevant information to a broad audience. Morningstar data and proprietary analytical tools include the Morningstar Rating™, which brings both performance and risk together into one evaluation, and the Morningstar Style Box™, which provides a visual summary of a fund’s underlying investment style. Both have become important tools for millions of investors and advisors. We’ve also developed in-depth advice on security selection and portfolio building to meet the needs of investors seeking integrated portfolio solutions. These tools offer a useful framework for comparing potential investments and making better decisions.
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